FACTOTUM STUDIO ® is a representation agency and a legal boutique specialised in sports and economic criminal law, the entertainment industry (cinema, music, tv, eSports) and intellectual property law, founded by lawyer and agent FIFA Antonio M. Díaz (diazramos.com) in the Canary Islands in 2014, it operates worldwide.



FIFA Definitions

Agency: an organisation, entity, firm or private company retaining, comprising, employing or otherwise acting as a vehicle for the business affairs of one or more Football Agents.


Football Agent: a natural person licensed by FIFA to perform Football Agent Services worldwide.


Client: fa member association, club, player, coach, or Single-Entity League that may engage a Football Agent to provide Football Agent Services.

I. a) may engage a Football Agent to perform Football Agent Services, provided that they do not choose to undertake such activities themselves.


Representation Agreement: a written agreement for the purpose of establishing a legal relationship to provide Football Agent Services.


What are Football Agent Services?
Football Agent Services are football-related services performed for or on behalf of a Client, including any negotiation, communication relating to such negotiation or prior to such negotiation, or other related activity, with the purpose, objective and/or intention of concluding a Transaction.


In effect, this means any action to facilitate or effect:

I. the employment, registration or deregistration of a player with a club or a Single-Entity League;
II. the employment of a coach with a club, Single-Entity League or a member association;
III. the transfer of the registration of a player from one club to another; and/or
IIII. the creation, termination or variation of an Individual’s terms of employment.


What is the definition of “Other Services”?
Other Services are any services performed by a Football Agent for, or on behalf of, a Client, other than Football Agent Services, including but not limited to providing legal advice, financial planning, scouting, consultancy, management of image rights and negotiating commercial contracts.

Film, music, tv, eSports.

The Economic and Tax Regime of the Canary Islands (REF, Spanish acronym) includes several tax benefits for the film industry. Co-production agreements with local companies is one of the requirements for the film studios to benefit from tax reductions.

We are experts in law with an extend experience in the audiovisual sector, since we have worked for twenty years as executive producers of television news stories, documentaries and television programs (feedbackagency.es).


We identify innovative solutions by creating common patterns between societies on both slides – an asset which makes us a potential partner in the creation and development of projects, tax structures, economic interest groupings and financial co-productions.


FACTOTUM STUDIO ® develops, produces and controls the exploitation of audiovisual works. We offer a full range of contracts services, such as drafting and negotiating production contracts and also national and international co-productions contracts.


We assist in all aspects related to film distribution, technical and creative staff and intellectual property, defined by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport as the set of rights granted to authors and other rights holders (artists, producers, radio entities…) related to their works and its resulting benefits.


In this context, it is the Ministry´s responsibility to propose measures, whether legislative or not, to protect Intellectual Property adequately.


FACTOTUM STUDIO ® represents and defends the interests of creators, gamers and programmers on the exploitation of video games. We actively in the negotiation of contracts with publishers and platforms.


The Government of the Canary Islands is currently considering to include eSports in the upcoming Sports Act.


C/ Sabino Berthelot, 11. 1st floor.
CP 38003. SCTFE. Canary Islands. Spain.
T.- + 34 922 282 493

C/ Pelayo, 38. 3st floor – I
CP 28004. Madrid. Spain.
T. + 34 91 395 23 25

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